Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Stella Maris Inter College aims to be an institution of excellence dedicated to a value based and wholesome education to prepare girls and boys for the world of tomorrow imbued with the spirit of service, integrity and democratic values in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Mission

Our Mission

To fulfill our vision our constant endeavor here at Stella Maris Inter College is to inculcate in our staff and students a sound philosophy of life in keeping with the motto of our school ‘Let your light shine’ while imparting an all round education to the young. We emphasize on the physical, spiritual, intellectual and moral development of the children entrusted to our care.

Through our Educational Mission
We inspire our students to:

  • Instill a deep faith in God, our Creator and love for their fellow beings.

  • Imbibe the values of love, honesty compassion, justice and fairness.

  • Be attentive to the refinement of ones heart and to retain the divine essence.

  • Be loyal to our country and be committed to transform the society in the light of the values that they imbibe.

  • To reach out with service to the marginalized and the less privileged people of our society.