College Emblem


Our Emblem

The Emblem of the College gives it a visual identity. It highlights the vision of our College and our ideals.The central figures within the circle represent the principles and values that the College stands for:

  • The Cross symbolizes the love, sacrifice and victory of Jesus Christ who came to this world to redeem the humanity and whose values the College upholds while seeking His divine light on everyone who enters the portal of our Institution.

  • 'M' stands for the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the Heavenly Patroness of our College. Inspired by her faith, simplicity and devotion the Marisian family strives for integrity and excellence.

  • The lamp with the burning flame beckons all Marisians to radiate the divine light of God as they seek knowledge and wisdom.

Our Motto

The Motto of our College is: 'Let your light shine' that clearly sums up the aim of the College. It aims at empowering our students to shed the darkness of ignorance and illumine their hearts and minds with the light of truth which a wholesome education provides