Education Policy


A holistic and integral education is the main thrust of our College. All our educational endeavours are focused toward the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and cultural development of our students. We instill in our students a deep faith in God our creator and love for their brothers and sisters. Through all our ventures we aspire to create a just and humane society where social justice, equality, religious harmony and national unity are upheld.

Although a minority institution meant for the minority community our College is open to all irrespective of caste and creed. All the students are helped to grow and develop themselves respecting their cultural, social and religious traditions.

Value education forms an intrinsic part of the College Curriculum in order to give emphasis on the character formation and the inculcation of moral and spiritual values in the students. Christian children are given Catechetical education. The College commences the day with a short session of guided meditation for the students and teachers in order to awaken the spiritual dimension of life as well as to give synergy and vitality.

Through its multi-dimensional, educational and creative the College creates an atmosphere where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly so that the students not only value their tradition and culture but they are also in harmony with the modern developments.

The College with its beautiful ambience of lush green gardens, well-defined infrastructure and secure environment fosters an atmosphere that is serene, relaxed and happy. The students are encouraged and given ample opportunities to discover and develop their innate talents.

Our College is blessed with a community of Sisters and Teachers, who are committed to their vocation, are professionally competent and who wholeheartedly promote the vision and mission of the College. The Management's continuous effort to build up leaders among the faculty members make the College function smoothly and harmoniously. We have an effective Supervisory System through which we closely monitor students' academic performance and the Teachers' efficiency.

For the realization of our Educational Policy of wholesome and integral formation we invite the students, parents and teachers to give us their wholehearted cooperation.