College Cabinet


The College Cabinet which plays an important role for the College is installed at the beginning of the Academic Year. There are two cabinets - Junior and Senior. The senior cabinet is headed by a Girl Prefect and a Boy Prefect who are assisted by the Vice Prefects. The other office bearers are the Captains and Vice Captains of the Four Houses and Sports Captains.

House System

The House System begins from Class I and each student is a member of one of the four Houses. The House System is an integral part of the College. The four Houses of the College are:

  • St. Mary's House

  • St. Joseph's House

  • St. Francis' House

  • St. Teresa's House

Each house is recognized by its colour and motto. The color blue is for St. Mary's House and the motto of the House is SERVICE. The colour yellow is for St. Joseph's House and the motto is HUMILITY. The colour green is for St. Francis' House and its motto is PEACE. The colour red is for St. Teresa's House and motto of the house is LOVE.

Literary Club

The Literary Club members, selected from Classes V to XII consist of students who have a zest for creative thinking and writing. They work under the guidance of the Staff Editorial Board and help in the literary works, especially in bringing out the College Bulletin and the Annual Magazine.